Names of Foot-and-mouth disease

The name of Foot-and-mouth disease (Aphthae epizooticae) is different in different languages. On this page is a collection of those names in various different languages. Many thanks go to Pascal Hudelet of The Veterinary Public Health Center, Boehringer Ingelheim, for collecting these names during the 2017 annual workshop of EU national reference laboratories for Foot-and-mouth disease.

This list is not a complete list of all variations of the name, please do contact us and supply addition variations of the name if you know of any. If you find a mistake please let us know and, if possible, provide a correction.

  Language Name Alternative name
American Hoof-and-mouth disease  
  Arabic حمى قلاعية  
Bulgarian Шап  
Chinese 口蹄疫  
Croatian Slinavka i šap  
Czech Slintavka a kulhavka  
Danish Mund- og klovsyge  
Dutch Mond-en-klauwzeer tongblaar
English Foot-and-mouth disease  
Estonian Suu- ja sõrataud  
Finnish Suu- ja sorkkatauti  
French Fièvre aphteuse  
German Maul- und Klauenseuche  
Greek Αφθώδης πυρετός  
Hindi मुंहपका-खुरपका रोग  
Hungarian Száj- és körömfájás  
Irish Galar crúibe is béil  
Italian Afta epizootica  
Latvian Mutes un nagu serga  
Lithuanian Snukio iz nagy liga  
Maltese Ilsien u dwifr  
Montenegrin Slinavka i šap  
Norwegian Munn-og-klovsyke  
  Ottoman Humma-i Kula-i
Polish Pryszczyca  
Portuguese Febre aftosa  
Romanian Febră aftoasă  
Russian ЯЩУР  
Serbian Slinavka i šap  
Slovak Slintačka a krívačka  
Slovenian Slinavka in parkljevka  
Spanish Glosopeda fiebre aftosa del ganado
Swedish Mul- och klövsjuka  
Turkish Şap  


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